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Microgreens as Superfood

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s attitudes about their food shopping habits, microgreens do not have a direct effect on curbing the virus but help indirectly by protecting the organs due to their antioxidant properties, strengthening one’s immune system, and helping develop a first-line defense system against the virus. Hence, the demand for microgreens is on a rise. Shah Farm has built its greenhouses on 70+ acres of land located in Berryville, historic Clarke County Virginia. We are located 45 minutes from Upperville and Middleburg, 1 hour from Warrenton, 15 minutes from Winchester, VA, 15 minutes from Charles Town, WV, 45 minutes from Washington DC, and 45 minutes from Bethesda, Rockville MD.

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Our team is committed to delivering timely, reliable, and fresh products to our customers directly on demand.


Our long-term work continues to get products to our customers. We establish solid and long-term relationships with all of the customers with whom we work.


Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, the specialist provides service with the latest technology devices.


We respond to your needs by providing professional support. We Deliver our products fresh and timely.

Our Team

We Grow Superfood

Shirley Shahlapour

Mrs. Shirley Shahlapour assists Mr. Beheshti (CEO) to develop strategic marketing plans for AIRDEC and oversee the implementation and execution of the various efforts associated with the marketing plan. Mrs. Shahlapour develops business cases for marketing programs at the proposal stage and makes recommendations on marketing tactics. Mrs. Shahlapour has strong project management skills, Prior to AIRDEC, she worked at Gulf Investment Group in charge of the international marketing strategy for company investment in technology sectors within North America and Europe. Mrs. Shahlapour holds a B.A. in Business from Tehran University.

Ali Beheshti

Mr. Ali Beheshti is an executive with more than 30 years of experience in technology management with an emphasis on telecommunications and financial services as well as software/hardware engineering, project, and people management. He has served as a principal for large-scale and cross-cutting projects, managing sensitive client relationships, and negotiating multi-million-dollar contracts for outsourcing and acquisitions in the US and around the globe. He is currently the principal owner of AIRDEC, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology firm focused on developing, implementing, managing, and consultancy of advanced IT solutions. Prior to AIRDEC, he was part of eNet’s principal management team, developing international markets in emerging countries in the field of Information Technology with an emphasis in Data Center and project financing. Before joining eNet, Mr. Beheshti was a co-founder of IMCI Technologies, where he served as Managing Partner and Executive Vice President for Engineering. He provided strong leadership for business development and overall technical management of all projects and operations. He provided executive oversight of the development, manufacturing, and installation of IMCI’s Open-i® solution, including ongoing Research & Development, engineering design, documentation, Testing, and Product Assembly and Shipping. He was also instrumental in pursuing, capturing, and performing large contracts with major Telecommunication companies such as Nextel, Winstar, Verizon, and MCI. During this time, Mr. Beheshti managed projects to deploy, install, test, and turn-up devices and remote monitoring capabilities at over 120 sites in the US for a major telecommunications firm. His early career experience involves the design and development of software and hardware products used in voice, data, and video communication systems. Mr. Beheshti has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Telecommunications and Computers from George Washington University and he is a candidate for the Doctorate program in Information Technologies from Walden University. He holds one patent in Alarm/Facility Management.

Ayleen Shahlapour

Greenhouse Manager
Mrs. Ayleen Shahlapour is a seasoned greenhouse manager with a passion for sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Proven ability to manage all aspects of greenhouse operations, from planting and harvesting to sales and marketing. seeks an opportunity to lead and inspire a team of green thumbs in a sustainable agriculture organization.

Tina Shahlapour

Mrs. Tina Shahlapour is a highly analytical and detail-oriented person with a degree in accounting and Medicinal and Aromatic Plants production. Dynamic team worker with expertise in handling day-to-day accounting requirements of business operations. Highly skilled in handling large-scale business accounting while efficiently planning resources and monitoring operations. Highly effective networker with excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to form strong business relations with clients and team members for facilitating a smooth service delivery process. Proven ability in leveraging learned skills and insights while ensuring deliverability of Business requirements. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a master’s degree in Financial Management, and an associate degree in the production of medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

Courtenay Jeffers

Director of Sales
Mrs. Jeffers is an accomplished business development professional with 20 + years of experience across various classes of trade. Courtenay has a strong background in brand management, project management, and sales. She owns a business development consulting firm, Jeffers Business Strategies, focusing on creating revenue generating strategies for her clients, primarily in food & beverage and hospitality/events industries. Courtenay’s relationships with local chefs and restaurateurs have given her a deep understanding of the culinary landscape. Throughout her career, Courtenay has demonstrated a deep understanding of market trends and customer needs, which has enabled her to develop effective sales and marketing strategies that deliver results. Her ability to build and maintain strong partnerships has allowed her to forge long-term relationships with clients, vendors, and other key stakeholders. In addition to her technical skills, Courtenay possesses exceptional leadership qualities, a strong work ethic, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to excellence. She is an expert at identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities, and her ability to think strategically has helped her to drive growth and profitability for a wide range of organizations.

Katherine Brun

Sales and Marketing Staff
Mrs. Katherine (Kate) Brun started Lucky Leaf Gardens in 2010, growing microgreens for chefs and restaurants in the Charlotte, NC area. Very quickly, word spread about her amazing products and Kate’s operation expanded to include several surrounding states and regional distributors. What started as a "backyard business" has become a reliable, consistent source of the highest quality microgreens and specialty crops in the Southeastern US, for over 12 years. Kate established the infrastructure for year-round production out of climate-controlled greenhouses in Harrisburg, NC. Kate’s expansion techniques allowed for scalable growth, meeting the needs of the changing markets and customer base. Kate’s business development and marketing approach is designed to establish strategic partnerships with distributors for geographical expansion, including SYSCO, US Foods, Freshpoint, and local corporations. Additionally, Kate established in-roads with the retail sector, maintaining key accounts with Whole Foods Market, Harris Teeter, Earthfare, and Lowes Foods.

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